1. @joselito54 you know I really don’t mind what you think. :)I don’t care if you don’t know football 🙂 Arjen Robben can stop this “fabulous” team without helping 😀 and he did, but finally Spain and referee won 😛

  2. @TheGeorgian7 don’t cry. Spain best world team ever 🙂 . Holland? Only a martial arts team that can not stop the fabulous game of Spain.

  3. @joselito54 congratulation! but Iniesta’s goal was unfair!!! wasn’t it? Holland will always remember that there must be corner-kick 😉

  4. @TheGeorgian7 Gomes can stay in Germany all the time that he wants. Spain not need he 😉

  5. @joselito54 are you sure that he wants to play with torres and villa when he plays with schweinsteiger, podolski, klose, neuer and other great players in team? he’s not Spanish player , he is German player if he played in Spain he would be Spanish footballer but now everybody call him German!

  6. whats happened to Mario, hes been cack since he returned from injury. I thought he would start almost certainly in the WC but he barely plays now..

  7. @macd1991 maybe, but is very much inferior than david villa and f torres 😉

  8. @joselito54 He’s more german than Spanish. Born in Germany, speaks it as his frist language, lived in Germany his whole life. The only thing spanish about him is his name.

  9. great player, great person, a great Spanish player but he play with Germany..

    He dont have possibilities in Spain with David Villa, Fernando Torres, A. Negredo, etc

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