1. i liked it so much THANK U…
    btw from where the pic @ 3:16?!! i never saw it before and r they shaving his head?!!

  2. whats tha 3rd song played list all tha songs uploader dude Plz??and happy to see another german FAn!!! 😀

  3. My best wishes for Sami on Real. I hope, he will get a lot of playing time + has big success. Fingers crossed! I will miss him a lot on Stuttgart!

  4. @tajhani yes, too sad that Tasci played only 2 min. I really waited on him…And I was nervous that he would finally.manage it to come in coz of refs, Kept him waiting . At least, he now can say I played the wc2010. Seigh

  5. @littlemorella too bad he only got like 2 mins in the 3rd place game. But his future is what the national team is bright.

  6. @TokoChan yeah khedira is the best 😀 thank you more videos are coming soon.

  7. i like all of these guys^^ but i think Khedira is the ebst by fay <3 haha...btw thankyou sooo much for uploading these vids! Hope theres more to come soon lol x

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