1. He is very strong on the ball. I think he would cause a lot of problems if he came to Liverpool on Loan.

  2. i do think a english club will get him,
    as hes strong and a good finisher and seems to have good stamina

  3. i thort he wouldn’t be as good as that, cus i watch him playing for germany and hes not the same,

    but for his club he properly good. like a berbatov but scores more and has skills

  4. so ein fisch..was will der in bayern??
    Bayern is einfach nua scheißee..=)
    vorallem Uli Hoeneß

  5. i would say he just needs to play in bayern relaxe and he will be 1 of the best in the team and will get offers next year from other top clubs in the world just need to wait i hope germany will finaly get a super star that every 1will know

  6. mario gomez…best german striker..well he moved to munich.. i dont know if he plays there like in stuttgart, but i’ll hope it, beacause Mario is very very good, and young.. he has a great future
    <3Always keep in my mind Mario, Hero from Stuttgart <3

  7. Er hat so viel getan und nun so ne Aussagen, nur weil er mal bei nem besseren Verein spielen will. Purer Neid!

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