1. The numbers speak for themselves. Sumer Mario probably would have scored
    had Kroos not played on the wing and if Schweini sat, but unlike Balo he
    wouldn’t want any bitchass excuses Torero du bist einfach der beste 😉

  2. Balotelli vs.Gomez??? How can we compare Balotelli to Gomez? It’s like to
    compare the shit with the ciocolate: same colour but different taste! There
    are just two Super Mario: Basler and Gomez and note carefully that I’m

  3. gomez 100%. Balotelli might be one of the worst players to have on your
    team, not to mention he cant score like Gomez. Balotelli is just too
    selfish, and Gomez is just too good…

  4. Ok fair enough, i’d imagine Bayern fans have the same opinion for Gomez!
    Yes very nice! a nice turn on the 1st one and the 2nd goal was fantastic!

  5. 1 thing i have definately noticed is mario gomez is independant he makes
    his own scoring chances but mario balotelli is a selfish prick who steals
    other peoples chances at a wonderful goal.

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