1. The sound of the ball leaving the foot of mario gomez and into the net is the best sound ever! <3

  2. @JimBeek Yeah but the way he is celebreting it is wrong, thats why the tv is not showing him clear.

  3. @batista35500

    dude even a simple bounce is not allowed to happen against a goalkeeper like cesar

  4. (ENG:)US ROBBEN, one of the best dutch players;)
    (NL:)ONZE ROBBEN, één van de beste spelers van ons team.

  5. Look at all those players hugging Mario Gomez..If i could play with him i would go to Robben and say ‘Wow! nice shot dude! without you Mario Gomez wouldn’t even Score that goal!’ 🙂

  6. @ParaAfghanG
    Ok, so it’s kind of clear you’ve never been a goalkeeper.
    The speed and bounce of the ball are nuts, extemely hard to grab a hold of.
    César is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world

  7. @N0oDLX
    Je zou toch bijna denke dat je niet uit Nederland komt.
    Arjen Robben, apart from messi, the best striker in the world

  8. @lunteren2007
    Lol i dont see anything wrong dude he’s just happy he scored the winner!!

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  10. @Tycoj i dont think robben cares that gomez got the goal, all robben wanted was to win the match, besides, gomez deserved the goal for his hard work in the game.

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