1. @breakdowngod you are right dude, for the next standard I will play more time on my solo section
    Thanks for watching!

  2. it seems like you just never finish your solos. its like an unfinished thought. bothers me. but you have great talent man. keep the jazz comin.

  3. @1990xyphos I’m into jazz since a long time dude, check on my channel my cover of Spain 😉

  4. @paelgin jejejeje you are right, in this particular moment my mind flew jejeje
    Thanks a lot for watching my videos dude

    God blees you

  5. @LuteroReforma I did see and enjoyed your solo, as well as the rest of the song. As a rhythm guitarist myself, I always play chords (I am not a very accomplished musician, I just play for fun – you can see some of my playing on my channel).

    @2:26 the look to the side and then at the camera was what tickled me. I’ve been there.

    Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent for playing and arranging, as well as putting together and sharing your collaborations with other musicians.

  6. @paelgin jajajaja no man, it was nice, playing chords its important too, but it the end of the song you can see my guitar solo 😀

  7. Very nice. I chuckled when I saw Angel looking almost bored playing the 6th/7th chords.

  8. @misternormL Hey dude, all that stuff its jazz music, listen herbie hancock stuff or bobby hebb

  9. I love this!!! Can you give me more examples of this type of music? Or what it’s called? Thanks i really liked the groove!

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