1. Giving away a BBVA Team (The value is somewhere around the 2 Million Mark)

    In the team I have:

    Casillas, Ramos, Xavi, Dani Alves among others.

    This giveaway also includes Ronaldo and a Messi.

    View the video below for more information & how to enter


  2. Could you do top 10 dribblers/ball control? A huge part of my style of play is simple cut backs and I need guys with really good dribbling

  3. Ahh yeah, thanks for finding that out! I must of got them mixed up , or just pronounced it wrong without realising :/

  4. Haha 3 barcelona players,3 bayern münchen and 2 real madrdrid, its true, the way those teams play is like first touch football, like pass and go

  5. Lahm has 88 stand tackle not 94 stand tackle, 94 slide tackling 🙂 good vid though 🙂

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