1. Hey there. For points, it’s 3 points per win, one point for a draw, and none for a loss.

  2. 2 all the football(soccer for US) haters, this is a world sport 4 a reason…nuff said

  3. Inter is not really a favorite team in the league, munchen def since they deserved to win the league last year after Barcelona. One of this teams deserve to win.

  4. @YESobamaCANfuckupUSA LOL you’re one of these who actually think away goals count double 😀

  5. Julio Cesar is a bad keeper when shots come from the sides, Sneijder admitted that at the WC 😛

  6. Just by the way you knew that next season the german soccer league will have one contender spot more for the champions league and the italians one less?
    Thats because right now our teams are playing better then the italians.
    And just as an info in this tournement round competitions like champins league
    or european cup you always play twice. If it should happen that both games are a draw the team who shot more goals away is the winner.
    Example:Munich at Inter 1:1 Inter at Munich 0:0=Munich won

  7. jr. away goals in the champs lge counts double in a draw. inter are a shadow of the team last yr even tho they have most of the same players. but dont have the great coach in jose mourinho anymore.

    after the group stage which is frm September to dec top 2 team frm each group go into knock out comp (16 teams)

  8. @austinariesmark AC Milan is first and Inter Milan is 3rd….. There old but they still win by the way there best player Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is only 29 years old.

  9. @YESobamaCANfuckupUSA @YESobamaCANfuckupUSA no when Bayern scores, Inter nead 2 for the next round…if Bayern had won 1:0 at home and scores one away Inter would had to win 3:1…now they “only” need to win…but usually you do that at home 🙂 Bayern is with more than one leg in the quater finals

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