Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez has said that the team has achieved a lot of things in the first half of the season, but they need to maintain that in order to remain competitive in the second half as well.

Mario Gomez has been one of the revelations for Bayern Munich this season and he has scored a number of goals for the German club this season.This has led to comparisons with Barcelona star Lionel Messi, although Mario Gomez has been quick to dismiss any such suggestions. He has said that one of the main reasons for his spectacular performances this season has been the form of his teammates.

He says that they have assisted him in such a way that it is much easier for him to score the goals. The German striker also says that he would get a chance at Bayern Munich only if he continues to perform regularly this way. If not, then he would soon find himself playing for a club outside the Champions League. The 26-year-old was at the Bayern Munich training camp in Doha, and has said that the assist from the team mates has helped him a lot when it comes to scoring goals this season.

“If you play in a team which has harmony and which functions well as a team and play successfully, the striker will receive far more opportunities to score and that’s when scoring comes automatically. It’s true that strikers are measured by the amount of goals they score and the only way to defend your spot in a top team is to play well and score goals. Nonetheless the team’s success is always the most important thing,” he further added. Mario Gomez has so far scored 16 goals for Bayern Munich this season in the League alone.


Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez has said that he would never compare himself with Barcelona striker Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the world. However, Mario Gomez has been more or less on par with the Argentine in terms of the number of goals scored and number of goals created. He has been one of the vital players for Bayern Munich this season. Even though Bayern Munich have had a dip in form recently, Mario Gomez has been instrumental and is on course towards creating a new record when it comes to scoring in the Bundesliga.

However, the German striker has avoided comparisons with him and Lionel Messi saying that Lionel Messi is an extraordinary player when compared to him. Former Bayern Munich manager was the first one to compare Mario Gomez with Lionel Messi. However, Mario Gomez has been quick to dismiss such suggestions. In a recent interview, Gomez said, “He’s flattering me, of course. No current player stands in comparison with Messi. He’s unique, and comfortably the best player in the world. I’m aware that Ottmar Hitzfeld isn’t just any old commentator, he’s a celebrated and successful coach, so I’m certainly proud if that’s what he said.”

So far, Mario Gomez has been in a goal scoring rush. He has got 21 goals in all competitions for Bayern Munich this season. Even though he cannot be compared with Lionel Messi, it is fair to say that Mario Gomez is as important to Bayern Munich as Lionel Messi is important to Barcelona. Despite avoiding comparisons, Gomez said that he is having a lot of confidence going into the matches and that one can expect him to score many more goals in the future.

Hitzfeld speaks of Gomez importance

Current Switzerland coach and former Bayern Munich manager Ottmar Hitzfeld has said that Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez is extremely important to Bayern Munich. In fact, he went one step ahead by saying that he could be on par with the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of his importance to the club.

Mario Gomez has been one of the important players for Bayern Munich this season and has played well so far this season with an impressive 12 league goals so far. However, Hitzfeld says that he is not only important for the number of goals he has scored, but also for the importance, he provides in linking up play.

Bayern Munich have made an excellent start to this season, though their form has tailed off a little in recent matches. So far, Mario Gomez has scored 20 goals in just 18 matches for Bayern Munich, which is nothing short of brilliant. In fact, he is in the running, along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, for the European Golden Boot.

Hitzfeld has recognised the fact that Mario Gomez not only scores goals, but also works incredibly hard for the team. In a recent interview, Ottmar Hitzfeld said “In principle, of course, it is difficult to compare the three as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are individualists who often do things alone and sometimes play off two or three players. However, Gomez is more the executioner but he is world-class. In his category, as top scorer, he need not be fearful of any comparison.”

It is not surprising to see that Hitzfeld has heaped praise for the Bayern Munich hitman. Gomez is very much on course to beat the record set by Gerd Mueller for the most number of Bundesliga goals.